ZK-Oracle WIKI


Oracle (also known as Oracle Machine) is an abstract concept created by Turing, the father of computing. It is an abstract computer used to study deterministic problems. In the blockchain network, the oracle refers to a mechanism that writes information outside the blockchain into the blockchain, and is an important tool used to solve the problem of interaction between on-chain smart contracts and external real-world data.
Different from the 90%+ oracle machines in the market that focus on providing data services for DeFi, the ZK-Oracle network focuses on the universal connectivity between blockchain and real-world information. It aims to break the final barrier between the blockchain and real-world, and accelerate the adoption of the blockchain to daily economy through the privacy oracle network.
The core features of ZK-Oracle include but are not limited to the following:
1. General oracle network based on privacy protection;
2. A data matching mechanism based on community autonomy and self-sustainment;
3. Strengthen support for non-fungible tokens (NFT) and DeFi data privacy.
Key Features of Zk-Oracle