ZK-Oracle WIKI


The oracle is a tool for solving the problem of data interaction between the blockchain and the outside world, a bridge between the world in the blockchain and the real world outside the blockchain, and an important guarantee for broadening the application field of the blockchain. Traditional centralized oracles, single points of failure and data source trust are fatal flaws that cannot be solved by their nature.
Decentralized data acquisition and node governance methods give oracles more potential, but because the entire industry is still in the early stages of development, the key technology of blockchain is far from mature, and the current mainstream decentralized oracle projects are not satisfactory in terms of protecting user privacy and universality. ZK-Oracle is an explorer of new generation of oracles. The ZK-Oracle network designed based on the Polkadot and the anonymous contract of SERO will be committed to solving the problems of privacy encryption and the universality of oracles, and has a great impact in providing assistance to the dynamic development of NFT ecosystem.