ZK-Oracle WIKI

Token Ecomomics

1. Token Metrics

ZKT is the only native utility token on the ZK-Oracle platform, with a total supply of 100 M. ZKT will be first issued on Ethereum and then migrate to the substrate chain when the mainnet is live. The token distribution and token metrics are detailed as below:
Token Distribution
Mining Rewards
10% unlocked on listing, then 10% quarterly;
Team & Advisors
25% unlocked on listing, then 25% quarterly;
Zk-Oracle Foundation
25% unlocked on listing, then 25% every 6 months;
Community Donation
5% for the pre-round, 30% unlocked on listing, 30% and 40% will be released after the third and sixth months respectively;
15% for the public offering, no lockup
Liquidity Pool
20% unlocked on listing, then 20% quarterly;
Early stage mining adopts a system subsidy model. ZKT does not need to pay for data request mining, and only needs to stake a certain amount of ZKT. Later, ZKT can choose long-term subscription or one-time payment mode (need to pay a small amount of tokens) to extract data according to the frequency of personal data demand.;
ZKT is also accompanied by a burning mechanism in many usage scenarios. The burn will stop when the burned quantity reaches 50% of the total tokens. After that, ZKT tokens will be circulated among service providers, users and the secondary market.

2. Application Scenarios and Value of ZKT Tokens

1. ADP Qualifications Auction
Use ZKT to participate in the monthly ADP (General Data Provider) qualification auction. The starting price is 0.1ZKT. The ZKT participating in the auction will be burned by 20%. The upper limit of the number of ADP qualifications for the first time is 309, and the upper limit of the number of ADP qualifications each time will be adjusted according to the results of the last auction, at the same time the upper limit of the number of ADP auctioned every 3 months will increase by 1.618%;
2. Receive Data
ADR (Application Data Requester) can obtain data services without paying native tokens during the mining cycle. The income of the oracle node is subsidized from the part of reserved tokens for mining. After the mining cycle ends, the data can be obtained through staked ZKT. At least 1ZKT is staked each time, which is deducted from the staked ZKT. 20% of the consumed ZKT will be destroyed and distributed to the oracle node that provides the service;
3. Mining Rewards
The mining emission is released linearly every month, and the mining income is shared according to the percentage of the data provided by ADP;